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Scoring 80 is no easy task, so how do I break 80?

Scoring 80 is no easy task!

In fact, only 5% of golfers will ever get to 80 in their lifetime and only 2%-5% will ever break 80. Once you have gotten to 80 you are now considered a good player, to join the really good players you will have to get into the 70's.

How do I break 80?

While breaking 80 is no easy task, it is not an impossible task. With the right approach and dedicated work ethic, most golfers can get there,

Here are the essentials to work on:

1. Short game, short game , short game (I addressed this in my last letter)

2. Mental strength and fortitude

I could talk about this subject for days., I won't bore you here, but know that this is probably more important than most know or will admit.

Understanding yourself and controlling your reactions to bad shots as well as the good ones are essential to your prosperity on the golf course. I will dedicate a page to this soon.

3. Practice, practice, practice

Most golfers pretend to practice. What does that mean? Well if you go to the driving range and just "HIT BALLS" this is not practice. I have often seen folks just whacking balls with no intent on the format of their swing or the direction of the balls, not even aiming at a target. This is not effective practice. Practicing with a purpose is what we aim to do. If this is done your time will be well spent. I would rather have a student hit 20 great shots and walk away than hit 100 balls that go just anywhere.

Seek professional guidance and advice

Golf is a complex and challenging game - it is the worst game and best game man has ever invented and even the pros seek guidance.

Sometimes it's just you and mother nature (who can be a mean one) or its you her and a bunch of demons that show up and steal your ball, or throw your ball in the water, or make the cup spit out your golf ball, you know the ones I mean.  I am sure you have many swear words that appear out of nowhere sometimes. If that's not you then you are not playing golf LOL

A seasoned golf professional can guide you around these hazards and provide personalized guidance tailored to you. He or she can show you the necessary skills that can keep you in the fairway and on the green. Having an expert look at your swing and your skillset can expedite your progress and once there, keep you on track.

4. Choose the right equipment

You cannot use a hammer for every task or repair around your home, nor does every tool fit every job. Your golf clubs should be personalized to you. Meaning that you should not be using you dads old clubs or you should not pass on your clubs to the junior in your house because they just won't work for him or her.

Getting fitted for clubs - also by a professional fitter is essential to you scoring your best and provides peace of mind, and builds confidence in your abilities.. If your intent is to get to 80 or below then I can steer you in the right direction to get fitted. I can also get you a discount at Taylormade Golf fitting centre.

Breaking 80 is a significant milestone and implies that your dedication to the game, skill, and resilience is impressive. You are part of an elite group, you should be proud of your accomplishment. Keep practicing with a purpose and focus on your game to continue improving.

If you aspire to break 80 or break 90 please contact me if you are interested in working with me. Together we can develop a plan to achieve your goal.

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