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Focus less on your swing and more about how you apply that swing to the golf course. Learn to make the right shot decisions to save a few shots.

During a playing lesson, our instructors focus on your mental approach to the game, pre-shot routine, shot selection, club selection, reading greens, uneven lies, and trouble shots. Everything you need to know to execute and play better in a real game. Learn to play golf and NOT play golf swing.

What is covered

  • On course playing lessons 2.5 hours

  • Play with the pro

  • Learn to play on the golf course

  • First tee jitters are covered and explained

  • Pre-shot routines

  • Course management

  • Play rules

  • Play shots around the green

  • Club selection

  • Reading greens

  • Uneven lies and trouble shots

  • Green fees and power cart NOT included


Private / Semi Private

On-course Playing Lesson
  • On course playing lessons 2.5 hours

  • Play with the pro

Playing Lessons:

Markham Green Golf Club

Playing lessons are subject to tee time availability.

Our coach will contact you to make arrangements of time and day you booked.

*Price per player



Playing Lesson


*Price per player



Playing Lesson


*Price per player



Playing Lesson


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