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Private Lessons

Our private lessons have been highly regarded by countless students throughout the years, and have provided the perfect foundation to enter the next level of learning.


Priviate Lessons

In golf - one swing does not fit all.
Our coaches/instructors provide lessons and coaching in a dynamic, meaningful way - so that each student gains knowledge about his or her own swing so they can eventually own their own swing.

Our private lessons are spontaneous and reactive to each golfer. Every lesson is done with video analysis to improve your skills.

Indoor lessons are not being provided at ClubHouse simulators in Markham and Honsbeger Physio +  in Markham.

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Individual or Package Lessons

You can book individual lessons or in a package. 

Lesson durations: 30 mins or 1 hour 

Outdoor Private Lessons:

Markham Green Golf Club

(No additional cost when lessons at Markham Green.)

golf lesson rates

Lesson rates: The outdoor and indoor private lessons are the same rates.


Indoor Lessons: The cost of indoor simulator booking fee is extra. 

Private Package Lessons

Private Lessons

3 x 30 mins


Private Lessons

5 x 30 mins


Private Lessons

3 x 1 hr


Private Lessons

5 X 1 hr


Private Lessons

10 x 1 hr


Individual Single Session

Initial Assessment*

1 hr


Private Lesson

30 mins


Private Lesson

1 hr


* Initial assessment (value of $175) - clubs assessment, BodiTrak pressure mapping system, swing analysis, next steps recommendations.  If you book a package of 1 hour lessons the Intial assessment is included in that package.  


Personal Coaching (20 hours)

Outdoor Private Personal Coaching:

Markham Green Golf Club

For continuous improvement, this is your best option. Learn to be a competitive golfer. 1-4 hours per week based on your schedule.


This full package includes 5 hours each on four areas:

  • Initial assessment (value of $175)  - clubs assessment, BodiTrak pressure mapping system, swing analysis, next steps recommendations

  • Short game lessons - chip shots, pitch shots, putting

  • Irons - full swing improvement Irons

  • Driver, fairway woods, and hybrids

  • Playing lessons on the golf course


Personal Coaching

20 hrs


Book Private Lessons and Packages

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