Private Lessons

Private LessonsBy appointment only. Using proven fundamentals and innovative teaching methodology. I am able to bring even the most unseasoned golfer to a point where he or she has the confidence to strike a golf ball with authority and direction to get themselves playing in a short a time as possible. My lessons are spontaneous and reactive to each golfer. Using proven fundamentals and teaching methodology you will improve your game, add yards to your drives and reduce the number of bad shots in your game. Golf is an individual game, every swing is an individual as a finger print. Every lesson is done with video analysis.

Individual Lessons

Swing analysis/game assessment lesson 45 minutes, $95 includes video and corrective measures.

By appointment only (See Book Now)

Private Lesson with Video Analysis 1 Hour $129
Semi Private Lesson with Video Analysis $75 each
Short Game Lesson 2 players 2 hours $300
TOMI Putting Lessons $95

Playing Lesson
9 Holes $250
2-3 Players $199 each

Golf Lessons

Package Lessons

3 X 1/2 Hour Lessons $225
5 X 1/2 Hour Lesson $375

3 Lessons 1 Hour $300
5 Lessons 1 Hour $475

3 Lessons 1 Hour
2 Students $450

5 Lessons 1 Hour
2 Students $700

5 Lessons 1 Hour
3 Students $800

Package Golf Lessons

Season Long Coaching

For continuous improvement  this is your best option. This full package includes: short game lessons including putting, full swing improvement plan both irons and woods. Playing lessons on the golf course and much, much more.

10 Lessons 1 Hour per week 
Includes 1 x 9 hole Playing Lesson  $975.00

20 Lessons 2 Hours per week
Includes 2 x 9 hole Playing Lessons $1800.00

30 Lessons 2-3 Hours per week 
Includes 5 x 9 hole playing lessons $3850

Playing lessons above do not include green fees
When lesson is at the Fairtree Golf Centre range balls are not included

Season Long Coaching

Playing Lessons

9 Hole playing lesson $250 playing lesson is 9 hole or 2 hours whichever comes first, extra time is allowed for analysis and assessment time after the round. Green fee is not included, video analysis is included

3 Playing Lessons 9 holes or 2 hours $595.00
6 Playing Lessons 9 holes or 2 hours $1,170.00
Green fee is not included

4 Hole playing Lesson $149
4 Hole playing Lesson or 1 hour 15 minutes $149 includes 9 hole green Fee and power cart, video analysis

Playing Lesson